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Lot 23.  Britain, South Western Region. Durotriges. Mainstream series. Ca. 58 B.C.-A.D. 43 Cast Æ unit (18 mm, 1.97 g). Hengistbury Multi Dots type. Spike with seven pellets on each side / Three rows totaling ten pellets. ABC 2196; Van Arsdell 1345; BMC 2924-30; SCBC 356. Brown patina. Nearly extremely fine.

From the KJG Collection of British Celtic Coins. Ex Rudd 111 (March 2010), 37.

Over the course of four-hundred years and a half continent, what began as a gold stater of Philip II of Macedonia (359-336 B.C.) as payment to Celtic mercenaries serving in Greek armies devolved into this stylized bronze coin, the types a series of lines and dots instead of the original laureate head of Apollo and charioteer in biga. In Durotrigan territory nearly half a millennium later, the types although highly stylized can still be clearly made out on the unique(?) gold quarter stater of the Durotriges struck ca. 60-30 B.C., ABC 2151. The Cranborne Chase staters (ABC 2157-2172) that were struck either concurrently or which follow the quarter stater have a devolved laureate head of Apollo on the obverse that is derived from the Gallo-Belgic imports of the preceding two centuries, while the reverse displays a disjointed horse left with a large pellet-in-annulet behind representing the chariot wheel; both obverse and reverse types are quite far removed from the staters of Philip II. The present coin is a far cry from even the Cranborne Chase type, much less the original gold Philips, yet it is an exceptionally nice specimen of a coin whose types serve to illustrate the profound changes that can occur given time and distance.

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