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Lot Number: 455

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Lot 455.  Phrygia, Laodicea ad Lycum. Nero. A.D. 54-68. Æ (23 mm, 5.62 g, 12 h). ca. A.D. 62. Julius Andronicus, euergetes, with (perhaps) Julia Zenonis. NEPΩN ΣEBAΣ-TOΣ [Θ]EOΣ, bare head of Nero right / IOVΛΙOΣ ΑNΔPONIKOΣ ΕΥΕΡ-ΓΕΤΗΣ ΛΑ-ΟΔΙΚΕ-ΩΝ, Zeus standing facing, head left, holding eagle and leaning on staff. RPC 2923; SNG von Aulock 3840. Brown patina, light deposits, minor porosity. Very fine.

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Closing DateFriday, June 30, 2017
12:31:20 PM CST