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Lot 459.  Pisidia, Antiochia. Valerian I. A.D. 253-260. Æ (21 mm, 3.64 g, 6 h). Blundered legend: IMP CA[ERA]SLLOVNΛHIΛC, radiate, draped and cuirassed bust of Valerian I right / ANTIO-CHIOC, S R in exergue, vexillum surmounted by legionary eagle standing facing, head right, between two standards. Krzyzanowska dies VIII/-; SNG BN 1294-6 corr. (citation to K. incorrect; same obv. die; catalogued under Volusian). Nice green patina. Good very fine.

Based on the late style and reverse type as well as the letters LLOV in the obverse legend, the emperor is usually attributed to Volusian. However, it is a coin which Krzyzanowska attributes to Valerian I, which we follow here. SNG BN incorrectly cites Krzyzanowska dies V/14 for the three specimens that they have that are struck this same obverse die.

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