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Lot Number: 492

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Lot 492.  Phoenicia, Tyre. Otacilia Severa. Augusta, A.D. 244-249. Æ (29 mm, 21.90 g, 12 h). M OTAC S-EVERA AVG], diademed and draped bust of Otacilia Severa right / [COL TVRO] METR, Dido overseeing the contruction of Carthage; Dido, on right, standing facing, head left, holding rule and transverse sceptre; before her on left, arched gateway and city walls of Carthage; below gateway, worker standing right, using pick; to right of Dido's feet, star above murex shell. Rouvier 2454; SNG Copenhagen -; BMC -. Very rare and an interesting mythological reverse type. Several striations in right field of obverse, brown patina, light porosity. Nearly very fine.

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Closing DateFriday, June 30, 2017
12:43:40 PM CST