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Lot Number: 365

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Lot 365.  P. Fonteius P. f. Capito. 55 B.C. AR denarius (19 mm, 3.53 g, 2 h). Rome. [P · F]ONTEIVS · P · F · CAPITO · III VIR, helmeted and draped bust of Mars right, trophy over shoulder / [(MN) · FO(NT) · TR ·] MIL, soldier on horseback rearing right, thrusting his spear at a Gallic enemy who is about to slay an unarmed person; to lower right, helmet and shield. Crawford 429/1; Sydenham 900; Fonteia 17. Light iridescent toning. Reverse a little off center. Choice extremely fine.

The reverse commemorates a valorous deed of one Manius Fonteius, but the precise circumstances are lost to us. Both Crawford and Harl suggest he may have served under another ancestor, Marcus Fonteius, who was governor of Gallia Narbonesis from 76-73 B.C.

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