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Lot Number: 693

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Lot 693.  [Miscellaneous]. Lot of twenty-one AR and Æ. Includes: Syria. Caracalla. AR tetradrachm // Egypt, Alexandria. Æ tetradrachms (Philip I, Trajan Decius, Gallienus, and Diocletian). All previous coins ex Superior (1-2 October 1984), 1400 // Roman Republican AR denarii (4 coins). All ex Superior (1-2 October 1984), 1046 // Vespasian. AR denarius // AR and Æ antoniniani (8 coins: Gordian III, Otacilia Severa, Volusian, Valerian II, Postumus, Aurelian and Vaballathus, Carus, and Numerian). All ex Superior (1-2 October 1984), 1394 // Urbs Roma. Æ follis // Constantinopolis. Æ follis // Justinian I. Æ follis. Mostly VF. LOT SOLD AS-IS, RETURNS NOT PERMITTED.

Estimate: US$ 300 

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Closing DateFriday, September 29, 2017
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