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Lot Number: 357

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Lot 357.  Mesopotamia, Edessa. Caracalla. A.D. 198-217. Æ (15 mm, 2.19 g, 6 h). IMP CAES M AVR AN[TONINVS P F AVΓ], laureate head of Caracalla right / COL AVR METROPOLI ANTONINIANA, Turreted, veiled and draped bust of Tyche right. Dandrow type 2, pl. 22, 3; SNG Hunterian 2490-1; SNG Righetti 2568. Dark brown patina with sandy deposits. The reverse legend remarkably clear. Very fine.

This coin was formerly attributed to Carrhae based on a faulty interpretation of the reverse legend, but recent numismatic and papyrological evidence discovered at Dura-Europos and elsewhere in the middle Euphrates region points to a mint located at Edessa.

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