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Lot Number: 298

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Lot 298.  Nezak Huns. 'Phromo Kesaro'. 738-mid 8th century AR drachm (32 mm, 3.51 g, 3 h). Imitating Hormazd IV from Balkh, RY 11. Crowned Sasanian-style bust right; c/m's: human head left and tamgha / Fire altar flanked by attendants; c/m: ΦPOPO in Baktrian. Göbl -; D. Schnädelbach, ""A Group of Countermarked Imitative Drahms of Hormizd IV,"" ONS Newsletter 169 (Autumn 2001), p. 3; for c/mís: KM -, 14, cf. 59. Toned. Very fine.

From the Estate of Benjamin R. Bell.

Estimate: US$ 200 

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Closing DateFriday, April 6, 2018
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