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Lot 441.  Trajan. A.D. 98-117. AR denarius (18 mm, 3.20 g, 6 h). Rome, ca. A.D. 113/4. IMP TRAIANO AVG GER DAC P M TR P COS VI P P, laureate and draped bust of Trajan right / S P Q R OPTIMO PRINCIPI, Trajan's Column: column surmounted by statue of Trajan standing left, holding patera and scepter, and set on podium decorated with eagles. RIC 292; Woytek 425v; BMC 565; RSC 558. Lightly toned. Nearly very fine.

From the Expatriate Collection.

The Expatriate Collection

Expatriate comes from the Latin roots ex-, ""away from,"" and patria, ""one's native country."" The Expatriate Collection was formed by an American who has lived abroad for nearly fourteen years in Japan, Europe, Canada, and the Middle East. His collection was formed almost exclusively while living outside the United States.

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