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Sale Number: 334  -  Triskeles - Auction 26
Lot Number: 286

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Lot 286.  Indo-Scythian Kingdom. Azes. Ca. 58-12 B.C. AR drachm. King mounted on horse right, holding whip, with Kharoshthi letter at right and Greek legend around / Zeus standing left, holding Nike in outstretched right hand, sceptre in left, with monogram to left and Kharoshthi legend around Maharajasa rajarajasa mahatasa/ Ayasa (of Great King, King of Kings Azes the Great). Senior 105.310D; MIG 857h. Lightly toned. Very fine.

Estimate: US$ 75 

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Closing PriceUS$ 45 
Closing DateFriday, December 7, 2018
12:11:15 PM CDT