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Constantine VII and Romanus I. 920-944. AV solidus. Constantinople, 924-931.


Constantine VII and Romanus I. 920-944. AV solidus (20 mm, 4.36 g, 6 h). Constantinople, 924-931. + IhS XPS RЄX RЄGNINTIЧM, Christ seated facing on throne with curved back, raising hand in benediction and holding Gospels; rosette (Christ-symbol) at end of legend / ROmAn ЄT XPISτOFO' AVGG' b', crowned busts of Romanus, wearing loros, and Christopher, wearing chlamys, facing, holding patriarchal cross between them. DOC 7.6; Füeg 7.A.1; SB 1745. A few light scratches in obverse field, small scrape on reverse. Very fine.

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