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Pompey the Great. 44-43 B.C. AR denarius. Massilia. Q. Nasidius, commander of the fleet.


Pompey the Great. 44-43 B.C. AR denarius (17 mm, 3.43 g, 10 h). Massilia. Q. Nasidius, commander of the fleet. NEPTVNI, bare head of Pompey the Great right; in right field, trident; below, dolphin right / Q · NASIDIVS below, galley right under full sail, helmsman steering rudder, hortator standing on prow; in upper left field, star. Crawford 483/2; HCRI 235; Sydenham 1350; RSC 20 (Pompey the Great). Well centered and detail, porous. Very fine.

Ex Joe Blazick Collection.

Q. Nasidius was a Pompeian loyalist, having first served under Pompey unsuccessfully defending Massalia from the Caesarian forces under Decimus Brutus in 49 B.C. Later he commanded the fleet of the Pompeian forces in north Africa until the disaster at Thapsus, after which he left for Spain to join with Pompey's son, Cn. Pompey Jr. He subsequently served as supreme naval commander under Sextus Pompey at Massilia, where this handsome coin was struck. Eventually Nasidius saw the futility of the Pompeian cause, deserting to Mark Antony where he fought at Actium in 31 B.C.

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