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India, Gupta Empire. Kumaragupta I. Ca. A.D. 414-455. AR drachm.


Kumaragupta I. Ca. A.D. 414-455. AR drachm (15 mm, 2.06 g). King's bust facing right, with Brahmi Va(rshe) 112 at left / Stylized Garuda standing facing, with Brahmi legend around: Parama bhagavata Mahajadhiraja Sri Kumaragupta Mahendraditya (Having conquered the Earth and the lords of the Earth, Kumara Gupta wins the Heavens). Pieper 868 (without date). Very rare and choice specimen with complete details. Nearly very fine.

Dated Gupta coins are very rare. Our specimen has a clear date - Gupta Era 112 (432 AD) - behind the king's head.

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