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Gilded Brass Icon. Russia, c 1775-1825 AD.


Gilded Brass Icon. Russia, c 1775-1825 AD. Gilded cast brass icon of four panels each with five biblical scenes with engraved details and inscriptions. Each panel 7 x 4.25 (16.5 open). c.f. Knuz collection 25819.055. Superb. The scenes represented are as follows: Cover: Patriarchial Cross with tutulum and foot-rest; lance and sponge all before city wall. Russian Text Panel 1: Crest: The Crucifixion of Christ 1. The Annunciation 2. The Nativity of Christ 3. The Entrance of Mary into the Temple 4. The Birth of the Mother of God Panel 2: Crest: The New Testament Trinity 1. The Meeting in the Temple 2. The Baptism of Jesus 3. The Entrance into Jerusalem 4. The Transfiguration of Jesus Panel 3: Crest: Exaltation of the Cross (Ss Mary & Constaintine) 1. The Resurrection 2. The Ascension 3. Dormition of the Mother of God 4. The Old Testament Trinity Panel 4: Crest: The Praise of the Mother of God 1. The Tikhvin Mother of God (Ss Alexander & Cyril) 2. The Vladmir Mother of God (Ss Maxim & Leonty) 3. Mother of God of the Sign (Ss Anthony & Leioty) 4. Smolensk Mother of God (Ss Anthony & Theodosius)

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