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Vespasian. A.D. 69-79. Æ semis. Ephesus(?), A.D. 77/8.


Vespasian. A.D. 69-79. Æ semis (19 mm, 3.70 g, 6 h). Ephesus(?), A.D. 77/8. IMP [CA]ESAR VESPA[SIA]N AVGVST, laureate head of Vespasian right / PO[N] MAX TR P P P [CO]S [VIII] CEN[S] , S C acoss field, Victory advancing left, holding wreath and palm. RIC 1505; RPC 1476. Very rare. Orichalcum surfaces, edge chip and flan crack at 7 h, light cleaning marks. Very fine.

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