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Marcus Aurelius. A.D. 161-180. Æ sestertius. Rome, A.D. 177.


Marcus Aurelius. A.D. 161-180. Æ sestertius (31 mm, 25.68 g, 6 h). Rome, A.D. 177. M ANTONINVS AVG GERM SARM TR P XXXI, laureate head of Marcus Aurelius right / LIBERALITAS [AVG] VII IMP VIII COS III P P, S C across field, Liberalitas standing facing, head left, holding abacus and cornucopiae. RIC 1205; Szaivert 18, 381-6/30; BMC 1610. Brown patina. Good very fine.

The imperial largess commemorated on the reverse of this coin is in reference to the elevation of Commodus as Aurelius' imperial colleague and their joint triumph celebrated in Rome in A.D. 177.

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