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India, Yaudheya tribe. Ca. 3rd-4th Century A.D. Æ unit.


India, Yaudheya tribe. Ca. 3rd-4th Century A.D. Æ unit (25 mm, 10.87 g). Unicephalic Karttikeya standing facing, holding a spear in his right hand, with a small bird near his left foot and Brahmi legend Yaudheya-ganasya jaya around / Goddess Devasena (consort of Karttikeya) standing slightly turned to her left with right hand extended; flanked by conch and srivatsa. Devendra Handa, Tribal Coins of Ancient India, pp. 203-207. This type was issued by the Yaudheyas after the exit of the Kushanas. This sub-variety has a conch and srivatsa symbols on reverse.

The Yaudheyas were a powerful tribe in north India, famous for their martial skills. Karttikeya, the Hindu god of war and son of Lord Shiva, was their chief deity.

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