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KINGS of PERSIS. Vadfradad (Autophradates) I. AR drachm. Rare.


KINGS of PERSIS. Vadfradad (Autophradates) I. 3rd. century BC. AR drachm (4.20 gm; 20 mm). Istakhr (Persepolis) mint. Head of Vabharz with luxuriant moustache to right, wearing kyrbasia or satrapal hat and earring / Fire-temple of Ahura-Mazda; above, half-figure of Ahura-Mazda to left; to left, King standing right, his hands raised in adoration; to right, standard. Alram 531; Sunrise 570var. (but drachm). Not in Sunrise. Minor grafitti on the obverse, otherwise well struck for the type. Choice aEF / EF. Rare.

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