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SASANIAN KINGS. Varhran (Bahram) II. AD. 276-293. AR Obol.


SASANIAN KINGS. Varhran (Bahram) II. AD. 276-293. AR Obol (0.58 gm; 15 mm). Jugate busts of king and queen facing right with griffin or Simourgh headdress And crown prince facing left with griffin or Simourgh headress carrying xvarrah symbol, reverse; fire altar with attendants (king and queen also interpreted as king and goddess Anahita conducting rites), Faravahar symbol on the left of flame, and Caduceus to the right of flame, extremely rare and EF for type. There are various debates as to the character of the headdress of the queen and crown prince. SNS type VII/5; Gobl type X/3; Paruck 158; Saeedi -; Sunrise 794. Lovely strike on a nice broad flan. Choice EF. Nice original find patina. Rare.

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