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ABBASID; Mansur. (136-158 AH). Folus (fals). Mint: Azarbaijan. Year 145.


ABBASID; Mansur. (136-158 AH). Folus (fals) (2.36 gm; 18 mm). Mint: Azarbaijan. Year 145. Obv: La ellaha ella allah - Vahdahou la sharika alah within a decorative ring, Reverse; Mohammad Rasoula allah, year 145, Mint: Azarbaijan. Tabatabai/Vasiq 33-151. Extremely Rare Mint as well as decorative ring on the obverse. Some rare similar decorative patterns can be seen on s of Abbasid during the Saffarid era. It is assumed by Tabatabai/Vasiq given the original number of minting centers in Azarbaijan during the Sasanian and Umayyad era, most coins were minted in Ardabil. Dark brown with earthen patina. Choice EF. Extremely rare.

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