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ARAB-SASANIAN. Ć. “Bish” (Bishapur) mint. Extremely Rare.


ARAB-SASANIAN. Ć (0.98 gm; 23 mm). “Bish” (Bishapur) mint. Obverse; Sasanian style facing forward bust, reverse: Cross potent on three steps. left of the cross Pahlavi phrase; “'srngn?” or "'srkun?" (Overhtrown? or captured?), to the right of cross mint name abbreviation “Bish” (Bishapur). Gyselen: Arab-Sasanian Coinage: Type 5, Bishapur region. Brown-reddish patina. Small planchet hole at 7 on the obverse field, otherwise well struck on a broad flan. Choice aEF. Of highest rarity among the Arab-Sasanian coins.

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