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ARAB-SASANIAN. Bishapur region. Ć . Rare.


ARAB-SASANIAN. Bishapur region. Ć (0.80 gm; 17 mm). Bishapur region. Obverse; Portrait with conical crown and wings of victory. Phrase in front of the face “B(a)RK(a)T, barakat in Arabic letters meaning gods benediction and reward. Behind the head GDH formula typical of Sasanian coins. Reverse on the left phrase; “Bismillah” (in the name of God) and to the right: “Rabiallah” “God is and shall be my lord”. Gyselen: Arab-Sasanian Coinage: Type 66, Bishapur region. Dar brown reddish patina. Choice aEF. Rare.

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