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ARTUQIDS of MARDIN; Harput Branch, Abubakr. 1185–1204 AD. Ć Dirham


ARTUQIDS of MARDIN; Harput Branch, Abubakr(son of Kara Arsalan) 1185–1204 AD. Ć Dirham (9.62 gm; 27 mm). Obverse; Byzantine emperor style crown and clothing, phrase around the head, partially visible, Reverse: starting from top; Hov-aldin, La illaha illa Allah, Mohammad an rasoul allah, al malik al mah(?), al naser aldin allah, amir al mo’menin. To the right, the phrase” Malk al adel”, to the left “Abubakr Ghara (a)bu (Abubakr son of Kara), mint: DiyarBakr or Mardin (not clear)- Nice dark brown patina. Choice EF. Exremely rare so well struck.

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