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Unique Tetradrachm Revising Apodakos' Chronology
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Lot 306.  Characenian Kingdom. Apodakos. Ca. 112/1-104/03 B.C. AR tetradrachm. S.E. 201 (112/1 B.C.).

Characenian Kingdom. Apodakos. Ca. 112/1-104/03 B.C. AR tetradrachm (30 mm, 13.32 g, 12 h). S.E. 201 (112/1 B.C.). Diademed head of Apodakos right / [BA]ΣIΛEΩΣ [Α]ΓΓΟΔΑΚOY, Herakles seated left on rocky outcropping, supporting club set on knee; in outer left field, monogram; in exergue, date (AΣ). Cf. Alram 496; cf. DCA 480 (date not recorded). Unique. Toned, a little porous, chipping along upper edge, otherwise nearly extremely fine.

It is not certain if Apodakos was a son of Hyspaosines or if he was another contender for the Characenian throne, but his reign has hitherto been tentatively dated ca. 110-95 B.C. based on the dates appearing on his coins. Like their Parthian overlords, the Characenians employed the Seleukid calendar for dating their coinage, and the earliest dated coins of Apodakos previous to the appearance of this coin bear the date S.E. 203, or 110/09 B.C. This coin has a very clear date in the exergue, ΑΣ (S.E. 201, or 112/1 B.C.), which provides evidence that Apodakos' reign began earlier than previously thought.

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