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Hadrian"s Travels
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Lot 413.  Hadrian. A.D. 117-138. A collection of eight 'Travel Series' AR denarii.

Hadrian. A.D. 117-138. A collection of eight 'Travel Series' AR denarii. Includes: AEGYPTOS, Aegyptos reclining left, holding sistrum; at feet, ibis. RIC 297; BMC 797; RSC 99. Very fine // AFRICA, Africa reclining left, holding scorpion and cornuopiae; at her feet, modius. RIC 299; BMC 816; RSC 138. Fine // ALEXA-N-DRIA, Alexandria standing facing, head left, holding sistrum and serpent in basket. RIC 300; BMC 823; RSC 154. Nearly very fine // A-S-IA, Asia standing left, resting foot on prow, holding hook and rudder. RIC 301; BMC 829; RSC 188. Nearly very fine // GER-MANIA, Germania standing facing, head right, holding spear and grounded shield. RIC 302a; BMC 837; RSC 805. Fine // HISPANI-A, Hispania reclining left, holding branch. at her feet, rabbit. RIC 305; BMC 846; RSC 822. Good fine // ITA-LIA, Italia standing facing, head left, holding scepter and cornucopiae. RIC 307; BMC 850; RSC 867. Nearly very fine // NILVS, Nilus reclining right, holding reeds and cornucopiae; at his feet, hippopotamus; below, crocodile. RIC 310d; BMC 862: RSC 991. Good fine. Most with some toning.

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