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Lot 372.  SAFFARID, Ya‘qub b. al-Layth, 247-265 AH. AR Dirhem. RRR.

SAFFARID, Ya‘qub b. al-Layth, 247-265 AH / 861-879 AD. AR Dirhem (3.36 gm; 20 mm). Obverse, "Mohammad Rasullalah, Al-Mo'tamid Ali-o(a)llah", test mark at 8 o'clock , reverse, Shahadah followed by name "Yaqub", mint, Panjhir at 6 oclock (standard mint for these types of dirhams), date 260 AH. Given the name of the contemporary Abbasid Khalif, the coin has certainly been minted between the 256-264 AH. Saffarid silver drachms are typically rare and hard to come by specially with the name of the soveriegns. Small flan flaw on reverse. Ex. Bill Warden's, comes with the old tag. Choice Good VF. Unpublished. Extremely rare.

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