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Of Highest Rarity among the Sasanian coins.
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Lot 260.  SASANIAN KINGS. Azarmidoxt (Azarmidokht). 630-631 AD. AR Drachm. RRR.

SASANIAN KINGS. Azarmidoxt (Azarmidokht). 630-631 AD. AR Drachm (4.12 gm; 33 mm). Azarmidokht meaning “Daughter of Fire”)- obverse; Standard Khosrau II style portrait except in this case, a queen is shown with beard, name: “az(a)rmytaty” in front of the face. Reverse: year: One, mint: ShI (Shiz) or SI (Sirjan). Of Highest Rarity among the Sasanian coins. There are two mints that examples of this queen have with their abbreviations; one is WYHC or VISP (Ctesiphon region) and the other ShI or SI. Mochiri # 508 with same mint; Paruck -; Saeedi -; Sunrise 1007. Lovely strike on an excellent metal. Choice AU with some luster. Extremely Rare. ""Azarmidokht daughter of Khosrau II governed less than a year after his sister Queen Buran in a chaotic time when the Sasanian crown was being tossed around by high ranking military commanders of the Sasanian army. She was deposed and killed by commander of the Sasanian forces Rostam Farrokhzad. Rostam’s father Farrokh Hormizd who was another commander and took the name of Hormizd VI had been killed at the order of Azarmidokht because he asked her to marry him. Rostam met his tragic end in the battle of Qadesiyah while engaging the Arab Moslem armies invading Persian Empire"".

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