Laurel Certified Coins, Auction 3: Ancient, World and US Coins

Closes Thursday, July 7, 2022 11:00 AM CDT

Help : Bidder's Guide

In order to bid, you must first register.  To register, click Register.  After completing your registration, a temporary password will be emailed to you.  You will need this password in order to login to VAuctions and place bids.  You can change your password and other registration information in the My Account option.

Note that the system will not let you create more than one account using the same email address.


All winning bids are subject to a Buyer's Fee that is determined by the sale vendor.

Please read all sale terms and conditions carefully before placing a bid.  By placing a bid, you are legally obligated to purchase the item if you are the winning bidder.

When placing a bid, you can bid the maximum amount you're willing to pay, but you may win the item for less.  Your bid is always reduced to the minimum amount necessary to be one increment over the next highest bid.  If another bidder places a bid after you, we will automatically bid on your behalf, up to your maximum.  This automatic bidding is referred to as "proxy bidding", and ensures that you will never pay more than the absolute minimum required.

  1. The opening bid for an item is $100.
  2. Bidder1 places a bid for $150, and is the high bidder at $100.
  3. Bidder2 places a bid of $125.  Proxy bidding takes place and Bidder1's high bid is set to $130, which is one increment over Bidder2's maximum bid.
  4. Bidder3 places a bid for $200.  Proxy bidding takes place and Bidder3 becomes the new high bidder at $155, which is one increment over Bidder1's maximum bid.
  5. If no other bids are placed, Bidder3 will win the item at $155, even though his maximum bid was $200.

To protect your privacy, we only display your anonymous User Name.  Your maximum bid is never displayed unless another bidder outbids your maximum.

Winning Bids

Shortly after an auction closes, you will receive an email containing a link to an invoice for your winning bids.  Above the invoice, you will see a link for paying your invoice.  You can pay securely online using Visa or MasterCard.  We also accept payment by US$ check or bank wire.  Invoices are due on receipt, and payment must be received within 14 days. Please see our Terms of Sale for more details.

Please be sure to keep your registered email address current.