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Lot 132: ARAB-SASANIAN, Bishapur, “Gopadshah” type. (635-650 AD.) Æ.

AUCTION:  Pars Coins (Auction 362)

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ARAB-SASANIAN, Bishapur, “Gopadshah” type. (635-650 AD.) Æ (0.50 gm; 17 mm). Bishapur and Qasr-e Abunasr series, obverese, facing forward bust, with GDH and apzuti on the left side, phrase; d’l’y, (Daray?) to the right, Reverse: mythical creature “Gopadshah” and Pahlavi phrase as interpreted by Gyselen as” ‘p’d/’c’d bys’p{w}hr,I.e. abad (or azad) bishapur, “May Bishapur be prosperous (or Free)". Gyselen Type 7. Brown-reddish patina. Choice Good VF.

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