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Lot 120: Lot of Eight Miscellaneous Roman Issues

AUCTION:  Beasley Campgate Collection (Auction 248)

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Lot of Eight Miscellaneous Roman Issues. Includes the following: Germanicus. Æ As. Bare head right / Legend around large S C // Diocletian. Antoninianus. Antioch mint. Diocletian receiving Victory from Jupiter // Crispus. Æ Follis. Siscia min. Two Victories holding shield over altar // Constans. Æ Centenionalis. Constantinople mint. Constans standing in galley // Constantius Gallus. Æ Centenionalis. Cyzicus mint. Emperor spearing fallen horseman // Jovian. Æ 19mm. Heraclea mint. VOT V within wreath // Honorius. Æ 16mm. Cyzicus mint. Honorius standing facing, being crowned by Victory. Diocletian and Crispus both Near EF, others fine, some a bit rough. 8 coins in lot.

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