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Mt. Gerizim

Lot 381: Samaria, Neapolis. Antoninus Pius. A.D. 138-161. Æ. CY 88 (A.D. 160).

AUCTION:  Triskeles - Auction 17 (Auction 320)

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Samaria, Neapolis. Antoninus Pius. A.D. 138-161. Æ (33 mm, 23.18 g, 12 h). CY 88 (A.D. 160). AYTOK KAICAP [A]NTωN[INO]C CЄ[BAC] ЄVCЄ, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust of Antoninus Pius right / ΦΛ NEAC ΠOΛEωC [C]YPIAC ΠAΛЄCTI, view of the temple complex atop Mt. Gerizim, shown with two peaks with a ravine with sloping roadway between: on the nearer peak, temple in perspective with steep stairway flanked by shrines leading towards the complex, roadway at mid-height leading to altar; atop right peak, shrine, and at base, trees; before Mt. Gerizim, colonnade; in exergue, date ([Є]T ΠH). Rosenberger 8; cf. SNG ANS 965 (date). Brown patina with some contrasting earthen deposits. Fine.

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