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Unrecorded Variety

Lot 390: Arabia Petraea, Petra. Caracalla. A.D. 198-217. Æ.

AUCTION:  Triskeles - Auction 17 (Auction 320)

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Arabia Petraea, Petra. Caracalla. A.D. 198-217. Æ (20 mm, 7.04 g, 12 h). Legend indistinct, laureate head of Caracalla right / Legend indistinct, Tyche seated left on rocky outcropping, holding uncertain object in extended hand, and cornucopiae. Cf. Spijkerman 41-3; Rosenberger -; SNG ANS -. An unrecorded variety. Brown patina. Fine.

Spijkerman describes Tyche either holding a small stele in her right hand, or with it open. The object Tyche holds on this coin is not clear enough to identify, but it is certain that it is neither a small stele or empty.

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