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Lot 483: Hadrian. A.D. 117-138. Æ sestertius. Rome, ca. A.D. 120-122.

AUCTION:  Triskeles - Auction 17 (Auction 320)

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Hadrian. A.D. 117-138. Æ sestertius (32 mm, 28.16 g, 6 h). Rome, ca. A.D. 120-122. IMP CAESAR TRAIANVS HADR-IANVS AVG P M TR P COS III, laureate bust of Hadrian right, slight drapery on far shoulder / RESTITVTORI OR-BIS TERRARVM, S C in exergue, emperor, togate, standing left, holding scroll and extending hand to raise turreted female kneeling right, holding globe. RIC 594b. Well-centered. Green patina with an old scratch on obverse. Despite this flaw, in hand it remains an impressive coin. Very fine.

From an American Collection of Biblical and Related Coinage.

This scarce type claims Hadrian as 'Restorer of the World'.

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