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Lot 109: SASANIAN KINGS. Yazdgird I, (399-420 AD). AR Drachm. AWH (Ahwaz) mint.

AUCTION:  Pars Coins (Auction 376)

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SASANIAN KINGS. Yazdgird I, (399-420 AD). AR Drachm (4.18 gm; 29 mm). Sunrise 914var. Mint: AWH (Ahwaz). Obverse, Yazdgird bust turning right, reverse, fire altar with attendants, crescent and dot on both sides of flame of fire altar, mint AWH (Ahwaz) with AW on the right and H on the left Ctesipnon) on the right, phrase "Raasty" Truth or Truthfulness" on the base of altar. Excellent style and strike. Choice Superb EF.

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