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Lot 113: SASANIAN KINGS. Bahram (Varhran) IV, (388-399 AD). PB (Lead) unit. RR.

AUCTION:  Pars Coins (Auction 376)

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SASANIAN KINGS. Bahram (Varhran) IV, (388-399 AD). PB (Lead) unit (3.61 gm; 17 mm). Obverse, Bahram's bust turning right, symbol of flower Iris in front of face. Reverse, fire altar with attendants and figure in the fire turning right, no mint or year, extremely rare. Flower "Iris" assciated with "Khordaad" and Khordaad Saal which is the birth of prophet Zoroaster. The associated meanings for this symbol are numerous including the development of symbol "Fluer de lis" associated with divine and purity as well as intellect. Iris Persica flower is a native flower of Persia/Iran. Well struck on a nice broad flan. Choice Good VF. Nice original find patina. Very Rare.

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