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Lot 120: SASANIAN KINGS. Bahram (Varhran) V, AR Drachm. Mint: LYW (Rev Ardashir).

AUCTION:  Pars Coins (Auction 376)

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SASANIAN KINGS. Bahram (Varhran) V, Second series. (420-438 AD). AR Drachm (4.13 gm; 30 mm). Sunrise 922. Mint: LYW (Rev Ardashir). Obverse, Bahram's bust turning right, reverse, fire altar with attendants, figure in the fire mint, LYW (Rev Ardashir- A port in Persian Gulf directly adjacent to the moden day port of Bushehr). Minor chipping on the edge, otherwise well struck. Choice Superb. Lightly toned.

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