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Lot 271: ARAB-SASANIAN; Farroxzat (Farrokhzad). Æ. Rare.

AUCTION:  Pars Coins (Auction 376)

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ARAB-SASANIAN; Farroxzat (Farrokhzad). Æ (0.66 gm; 22 mm). Khosrau II style bust turning right, name in front of face, GDH and APZUT behind the head, reverse, Senmorgh or Simourgh the mythical bird of Shahnameh turning left, phrase counter clockwise from left to right “aabaad or aazaad ardashir xvarrah” meaning “May Ardashir Khurreh be prosperous or Free” Gyselen Type 2. Lovely strike on a nice broad flan. Red Patina. Choice EF. Rare.

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