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Lot 363: Arab-Byzantine Coinage, by Tony Goodwin

AUCTION:  Laurel Certified Coins, Auction 3: Ancient, World and US Coins (Auction 377)

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Arab-Byzantine Coinage, by Tony Goodwin. Studies in the Khalili Collection, Volume IV. 168 pages, 2005 hardcover, out of print and hard to obtain. Select "Book Shipping $15" for shipping. This is a must have for the serious Byzantine collector. Fine condition, close to as new. Pristine pages. Detailed description: A unique first-edition book on coinage in Syria and Palestine, there is nothing like it. It provides essential reference work for economic and social historians of the early medieval period as well as historians of Early Islam; and contains important new material for collectors and coin specialists. The coinage of Syria and Palestine issued during the first fifty years of Islamic rule is of exceptional interest, but until recently has been little studied. The images on the coins were initially loosely based on Byzantine prototypes, but soon developed new iconographic features, including the earliest known Islamic images. This development was cut short by Caliph Abd al-Malik's reforms of the 690s A.D. in which purely epigraphic coinage was introduced across almost the whole Muslim world. Arab-Byzantine coins are therefore an almost unique survival of the birth of Islamic art, but they also have potential as useful historical documents given that the earliest surviving histories of this period were written some two hundred years later. The book starts with a comprehensive survey of the coinage, with examples of all known mints and types illustrated and described. Baalbek, Jerusalem and Yubna. The first of these includes the results of the first comprehensive study to be published for an Arab-Byzantine mint. The second and third studies concentrate particularly on the unusual iconography which developed in the Palestinian mints and the author also demonstrates how the Yubna coinage, hitherto practically unknown outside specialist numismatic circles, must now be regarded as one of the most complex in the Arab-Byzantine series. The studies draw on the extensive holdings of the Nasser D. Khalili collection of Islamic Art and also on Museum and private collections across the world. The book is extensively illustrated with images of around four hundred coins, almost all of which are previously unpublished. It is aimed both at numismatists and at interested scholars and collectors from other disciplines.

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