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Apparently unpublished. Extremely Rare.

Lot 52: KINGS of PARTHIA, Mithradates II, AR Drachm. Swastika monogram. RRR.

AUCTION:  Pars Coins (Auction 378)

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KINGS of PARTHIA, Mithradates II, (121-91 BC). AR Drachm (3.88 gm; 20 mm). Rhagai mint, circa 96/5-93/2 BC. Diademed and draped bust to left, wearing tiara with ear flap, long beard, and torque ending in seahorse; eight-rayed star on tiara, swastika behind / Archer (Arsakes I) seated to right on throne, holding bow. Sellwood 28.1 var. (no swastika); Shore 95 var. (same); Sunrise 296 var. (no swastika). Apparently unpublished with swastika symbol behind portrait.Choice EF. Toned. Extremely Rare.

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