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Lot 99: ARAB-SASANIAN. Gyselen type 7. Æ Unit. Extremely rare.

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ARAB-SASANIAN. Gyselen type 7. Æ Unit (0.85 gm; 20 mm). Obverse, Diety with radiating halo (merged with figure's hair), Pahlavi phrases of GDH and APZUTI to the left,Pahlavi phrase "D(a)L(a)Y" Daraay, (creator/God) to the right, reverse; mythical figure of Gopatshah facing right, phrase, (A)P(A)D Bishapur (Abaad Bishapur) to the left and illegible letter or monogram to the right, Gyselen Type 7. Original red and green patina. Chipped at the edge, otherwise well struck. Choice EF. Extremely rare.
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