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Lot 24.  Britain, Southern Region. Regni & Atrebates. Epaticcus. Ca. A.D. 20-40. AR unit (13 mm, 1.31 g, 1 h). Eppaticus Eagle type. EPATI, head of Herakles right, wearing lion's skin headdress; behind, pellet-in-annulet / Eagle standing right on serpent, head left, with displayed; in upper right field, pellet-in-annulet. ABC 1346; Van Arsdell 580-3; BMC 2070-6; SCBC 356. Lightly toned. Good very fine.

From the KJG Collection of British Celtic Coins. Ex Pegasi CXXIX (8 July 2003), 26.

Although from the powerful British tribe of the Catuvellauni, one of Rome's enemies during the conquest and settlement of Britain, Epaticcus' coinage is classified as Atrebatic as it is found south of the Thames in Atrebatic territory. He was the son of Tasciovanus and thus a brother of the great Cunobelinus, for whom he captured and ruled his southern Atrebatic domains. The types on this coin emulate other coins of the pro-Roman areas of Britain in that it displays considerable influence of the classical tradition, namely having the head of Herakles adorning the obverse and the universal classical symbol for mint, the eagle, on the reverse, as well as Epaticcus' name in Latin. The types are shared with the Atrebatic coinage of his nephew, Caratacus, the only difference being the name on the obverse.

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