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Lot Number: 25

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Lot 25.  Britain, Southern Region. Regni & Atrebates. Epaticcus. Ca. A.D. 20-40. AR minim (8 mm, 0.31 g, 1 h). Epaticcus Interlocking Squares type. TA within frame of two interlocking squares / E-P-A, Pegasus standing right, foreleg raised. ABC 1367; Van Arsdell 560; BMC 2531-7; SCBC 361. Nicely toned. Extremely fine.

From the KJG Collection of British Celtic Coins. Ex Rudd 97 (January 2008), 27; D. Lee Collection; J. Perry Collection; CNG 45 (18 March 1998), 2724; CCI 98.2366.

Like the previous and following lots of Epaticcus in this sale, although from the powerful British tribe of the Catuvellauni, Epaticcus' coinage is classified as Atrebatic as it is found south of the Thames in Atrebatic territory. Interestingly, while Epaticcus' name means 'leader of horsemen,' all of his Atrebatic coinage (with the exception of his gold stater, ABC 1343) employs types other than horsemen, such as here having a Pegasus. The TA on the obverse refers to Tasciovanus, Epaticcus' father.

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