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Lot 27.  Britain, East Anglian Region. Iceni. Early uninscribed issues. Mid-1st century B.C. AV stater (18 mm, 6.16 g, 3 h). Norfolk Wolf type. Wreath, cloak and crescents presenting a stylized head of Apollo right / Wolf standing right, jaws open, with bird on back; above, pellets (suns) and inverted crescent; below, pellet in crescent. ABC 1393; Van Arsdell 610-1; BMC 212-6; SCBC 30. Scarce. Good very fine.

From the KJG Collection of British Celtic Coins. Ex Rudd 128 (March 2013), 24; B. Wintarley Collection; found near Cromer, Norfolk, January 1995 (CCI 03.0399).

Probably the Cenimagni cited by Caesar (De bello gallico V.21), the Iceni were a powerful tribal confederation occupying much of East Anglia. The name 'Iceni' has never been determined with certainty. Possible meanings include 'horse people' and 'healthy, saved'. Perhaps the former should be preferred: the Iceni were a primarily pastorial people heavily involved in the horse trade. The wolf on the reverse, as noted by the authors of ABC, is surrounded by suns and moons, ""[reminding] us of the mythological Norse wolf which swallows the sun and moon before a new world is reborn.""

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