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Sale Number: 328  -  Triskeles Auctions
Lot Number: 3

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Lot 3.  Britain, Southern Region. Regni & Atrebates. Verica. Ca. A.D. 10-40. AR unit (13 mm, 1.26 g, 12 h). Verica Circles type. VERICA [COMMI F], pellet within two circles / REX below, lion leaping right; above, crescent. ABC 1229; Van Arsdell 505; BMC 1332-55; SCBC 132. Scarce. Toned. Very fine.

From the KJG Collection of British Celtic Coins. Ex Liz's List 61 (October 2012), 11.

Second only to Cunobelinus in terms of power, Verica was the third king to lay claim to being a son of Commios. He reunited the kingdom after it had been divided by his 'brothers' Tincomarus and Eppillus. Later in his reign it appears he had trouble with his northern neighbors, Epaticcus and Caratacus, and possibly received aide from Rome (see Cassius Dio, Roman History LX.19).

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