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Lot 25.  Iberia, Carteia. 1st century B.C. Æ semis (18 mm, 4.57 g, 6 h). C. Mini..., duovir. IIII VIR TE[R], diademed head of Neptune right / CARTEI above, dolphin right; below, [C] MINI Q F. ACIP 2599; CNH 55. Apple-green patina. Very fine.

From the Maple Leaf Collection.

For collectors interested in the spread of Romanization to the provinces, Spain presents a good collecting area, and because Carteia was colonized by Rome early in the aftermath of the Second Punic War (ca. 190 B.C.), its coinage is replete with dozens of types and magistrates with Latin names and titles. The town was situated on the Bay of Gibraltar on the southern coast of Spain with an excellent port, lending it strategic importance to the Romans as it had to the Carthaginians before their expulsion from Spain. In fact, the town was considered so important that it was extended Latin rights, the first overseas territorial possession to receive this benefit of romanitas. By the latter half of the second century B.C., the town was fully romanized, with the citizens boasting Latin names and titles. The C. Mini responsible for this issue is unknown, but the legend on the obverse declares that he was elected one of the four magistrates responsible for the coinage during the year or two that this type was struck.

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