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Sale Number: 328  -  Triskeles Auctions
Lot Number: 285

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Lot 285.  Thrace, Anchialus. Septimius Severus. A.D. 193-211. Æ (19 mm, 5.07 g, 7 h). [AVT K M... C]ЄVHPOC, Laureate head of Septimius Severus right / AΓXIA-ΛЄΩN, Herakles standing right, strangling the Nemean lion. Cf. SNG Copenhagen 436 (Herakles left); Varbanov 165. Applied green patina. Very fine.

Ex CNG E207 (25 May 2009), 281.

While attractive and seemingly genuine, the patina on this coin has been applied within the last eight years. When CNG sold the coin in 2009, it had a distinctly brown patina showing very gentle signs of smoothing on the obverse. Not only are the surfaces green now, but the telltale signs of smoothing have been masked by the recently applied patina. Additionally - and while not condoning this practice by any means - the work was done by someone quite skilled. Although it is a matter of opinion, the surfaces are actually quite beautiful, exhibiting wispy earthen highlights around the devices, and on the reverse lighter 'rubbed' green on the highest points, overall giving the coin a warm yet subtle depth. Certainly a very informative coin.

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