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Sale Number: 328  -  Triskeles Auctions
Lot Number: 410

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Lot 410.  Sextus Pompey. 37/6 B.C. AR denarius (19 mm, 3.75 g, 3 h). Uncertain Sicilian mint, perhaps Catana. MAG PIVS · IMP · ITER, bare head of Pompey the Great right; behind, capis; before, lituus / [PRÆF] above; CLAS · ET · OR[Æ] / (MAR)IT · EX · S · C in two lines in exergue, Neptune standing left, foot on prow, holding aplustre, between the brothers Anapias and Amphinomus with their parents on their shoulders. Crawford 511/3a; HCRI 334; Sydenham 1344; RSC 17 (Pompey the Great). Toned, banker's mark on cheek. Very fine.

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