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Lot Number: 573

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Lot 573.  Justin I. 518-527. Æ pentanummium (15 mm, 0.97 g, 2 h). Uncertain mint. Diademed, draped and cuirassed bust of Justin I right / Large Π between two stars; above, cross; within, Є; Γ. DOC 59; MIBE 29 (Constantinople); SB 13. Very rare. Black patina with orange-earthen deposits. Very fine.

Bellinger, DOC p. 56, note 59b, discusses this type: ""These two coins were published by T. Bertelè, 'Monete bizantine inedite o rare,' ZfN 36 (Berlin, 1926), p. 3, Nos. 2, 3. A specimen at Yale shows Γ beneath the Є. The only mints which show evidence of a third officina under Justin I are Constantinople and Antioch, and both of those are well supplied with pentanummia. Thessalonica and Cyzicus do not have pentanummia; neither are they likely to have had a third officina."" Neither specimen in DOC shows the officina mark.

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