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Lot 394.  C. Postumius At? or Ta?. 73 B.C. AR denarius (19 mm, 3.82 g, 5 h). Rome. Draped bust of Diana right, bow and quiver at shoulder / C · POSTVMI/(TA) or (AT) in two lines in exergue, hound running right; below, hunting spear. Crawford 394/1a; Sydenham 785; Postumia 9. Nicely centered, lightly toned, and well struck. Banker's mark on neck. Choice very fine.

From the Expatriate Collection.

It is possible that the monogram found in the exergue of the reverse on this coin may resolve as Tatius. On coins of both L. Titurius Sabinus and T. Vettius Sabinus the same monogram occurs in conjunction with the head of the Sabine king, Tatius, but the surname TA or AT is otherwise unknown for the Postumia gens. It is possible that the Postumii, undoubtedly one of Rome's most ancient families, claimed descent from the Sabine king.

The Expatriate Collection

Expatriate comes from the Latin roots ex-, ""away from,"" and patria, ""one's native country."" The Expatriate Collection was formed by an American who has lived abroad for nearly fourteen years in Japan, Europe, Canada, and the Middle East. His collection was formed almost exclusively while living outside the United States.

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