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Lot 444.  Hadrian. A.D. 117-138. AR denarius (19 mm, 3.09 g, 7 h). Rome, A.D. 117. IMP CAES TRAIAN HADRIANO AVG DIVI TRA, laureate bust of Hadrian right, drapery on far shoulder / PARTH F DIVI NER NEP P M TR P COS around, IVSTITIA in exergue, Justitia seated left, holding patera and scepter. RIC 11; BMC 24; RSC 874. Lightly toned. Nearly very fine.

From the Expatriate Collection.

The legends on this coin, which begin on the obverse and continue on the reverse, cite both Hadrian's adoptive father, Trajan, and his adoptive grandfather, Nerva. The use of this unusual legend occurred only at the very beginning of Hadrian's reign and served to help legitimize his claim to the throne.

The Expatriate Collection

Expatriate comes from the Latin roots ex-, ""away from,"" and patria, ""one's native country."" The Expatriate Collection was formed by an American who has lived abroad for nearly fourteen years in Japan, Europe, Canada, and the Middle East. His collection was formed almost exclusively while living outside the United States.

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